Next generation of networking

A message from Simon Dell

“I have attended numerous networking events where it’s the same format—boring long lunches with unexciting auctions, accompanied by awkward comedians. You would sit at a table with a select few, with who you stay. You never have the opportunity to mingle with everyone else at the event, limiting the number of connections you can make. 

DrinkedIn is a new generation of networking. 

DrinkedIn is an event that is very different to any beers and lunch you might have been to before. 

DrinkedIn events are focused on two main outcomes: 

  1. Celebrating the finest local alcoholic drink manufacturers 
  2. Building new business relationships

We give you awesome guest speakers, local brews and alcoholic drink manufacturers, sharing exciting new business ideas and experiences. 

Our Seat Mixer system means that you never sit with the same people twice, giving you every opportunity to meet and create new business relationships.”

Simon Dell, CEO of Cemoh

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DrinkedIn will bring you events all across Australia. If you're interested in booking a table or a single-seat, check our event listings to see when the next DrinkedIn is happening near you.

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